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Learn to Code

Terminal Code

If you want to get started in web development, here are some resources, that I personally found most helpful when I learned how to code.



It is extremely important to understand and become familiar with the basics. Apart from that, you can also create very exciting and beautiful websites with only HTML and CSS.


When I started adding JavaScript to my projects, I had no idea what was going on and I didn't really understand what kind of code I was writing. That's when I realized, I had to spend quite a bit of time to really get to know JavaScript. Understanding the basics was a big step forward for me. Variables, Functions, Arrays, Objects, Events, Conditionals, Loops. I certainly had a lot of setbacks, but at some point, all the parts fit together and that's a great feeling.

JavaScript Frameworks

Before you dive into a framework, the better you know Vanilla JS the more it helps in the beginning. Understanding ES6 Features (Arrow Functions, Destructuring, Spread, Modules, Promises, Template Literals) and Array Methods helped me a lot to get started with JavaScript Frameworks.

Terminal & Git

Don't be scared of the command line!